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Our favorite go-to resource for all things weddings, The Knot, posted their annual colors & trends reports in December with their predictions for 2023 and we’re JAZZED UP about what we’re seeing this year – it feels like such a breath of fresh air!

We started seeing hints of these trends last season, but this year they’re back in a major way and we’re definitely on board for more.

What are the biggest color trends takeaway? BOLD COLOR. Vibrancy. Dark & dramatic. Lush greenery. Tropical accents. Browns & Neutrals. Contrast. Daring touches and details. Color moods & stories vs. traditional 2-3 color palettes.

For 2023 floral trends themselves, The Knot predicted big, bold statement arrangements, woodland-inspired themes, bold and contrasted colors, petite bouquets (yay for freeing up hands!), color-blocking, monofloral and plenty of focus on extra non-floral touches. Our takeaway? Go bold or go home! Be free, open and creative with your thoughtful touches and details that exude both of your personalities – this is about you, after all!

TLDR: There are a ton of beautiful directions you can take each trend or theme as it relates to your desired color palette, personal taste, or look. There are even more ways to customize each 2023 trending color with your florals & arrangements given your venue location & season.

We are so excited to roll up our sleeves this year and imagine bigger, bolder, and more thoughtful for our couples this year – and we are so inspired by these trends.

In our two-part series, we wanted to distill down how to incorporate some of the 2023 color trends into your florals, and provide a few more ways to riff off the go-to trends for 2023 (part two – coming soon!) – so let’s dive in!


What do Barbiecore Fuschia, Coral Charm, and Pantone Color of the Year: Viva Magenta all have in common? They’re all big, bold, beautiful shades of pink!

Per the initial recommendation, bold pinks are a perfect combination for spring and summer – and the 2023 trends of monoflorals and color-blocking can also come into play in a big way in shades of pink. They’re perfect when as an accent color paired with white, ivory, cream, and muted pastel tones for spring/summer as well, and darker, more dramatic (think berries, burgundy, purple, jewel tones) for fall/winter.

  • Floral ideas: Pink Piano or Coral Charm Peony, Stargazer Lily, Esperance Rose, Pink Mondial Rose, Cherry Splash Cherry Tulip, Orange Sherbert Garden Rose
  • (All shades of pink): Peonies, Ranunculus, Garden Rose, Tulips, Freesia, Carnations, Lisianthus, Larkspur, and Snapdragons – which can have really delicate bi-color options as well!
  • Accents: Fuschia Celosia, Tropical Ginger, Raspberry Alstromeria, Lavender Waxflower, Hot Pink Matsumoto Asters, Coral Spray Roses, Raspberry Gomphrena, Coral or Peach Hypericum
  • Colors to play with: Rose, Peach, Pink, Coral, Mauve, Dusty Rose, Ballet Pink, Blush, Magenta, Fuschia, Cerise, Berry, Pastel Pink


Earthy browns & and modern, minimalist neutrals were around in a big way last season and we look forward to continuing this trend in a bigger way in 2023. We especially love a golden, cream, and neutral color palette for summer and introducing more bronze, copper, rust, and burnt orange tones for fall.

  • Floral ideas: Toffee Roses, Dark Chocolate Anthurium, Brownie Tulips, Brownie Sweet Peas, Mocha Ice Brownie Iris, Amber Orchids
  • Accents: Pampas Grass, Dried & Preserved Grasses & Flowers, Fan Palms, Queen Anne’s Lace (comes in shades of creams to brown/purple), Moss, Wood, Curly Willow, Succulents, Wooden Cookies with candles
  • Colors to play with: Caramel, Coffee, Mocha, Burnt Sienna, Cinnamon, Tawny, Bronze, Rust, Copper, Gold, Smoke, Taupe, Amber, Apricot, Sand


Lead Designer Allison ADORES this look – let’s face it, we all do here at Just Bloom’d Weddings! We love the drama, romance, and intrigue that dark florals can bring to a wedding atmosphere and overall aesthetic. Nothing says luxury quite like a dramatic, lush, dark floral look! You can lighten up the overall theme by making dark florals an accent – they shine amongst creams, blushes, and muted pastels – or you can go full-drama with a bold dark & moody or jewel-tone look.

This look also ties in well with the 2023 woodland trend theme: think dark, romantic, enchanted forest vibes!

  • Floral Ideas: Purple Lilac, Purple Iris, Black Bacara Rose, Black Magic Rose, Odessa Calla Lily,
  • (Available in many dark purple/pink/red, blue colors): Ranunculus, Anemones, Dahlias, Proteas, Lisianthus, Larkspur, Carnations
  • Accents: (available in burgundy, but many other dark colors): Scabiosa, Amaranthus, Hypericum Berries, Smokebush, Fiddlehead Fern, Dried & Preserved Dyed Grasses, Flowers & Foliages, Leucadendron, Antique, Chocolate or Purple Hydrangea, Bi-color florals & variegated foliage
  • Colors to play with: Burgundy, Wine, Fuschia, Rust, Purple, Navy, Jewel Tones – Emerald, Ruby, Midnight, Chocolate, Bronze, Copper, Mauve, Berries, Chocolate


In keeping with the bold jewel tone trend, Green – particularly Emerald – is making a statement this year. Greenery and foliage-forward looks, are everywhere!

Emerald – particularly big tropical leaves and variegated (multi-colored) varieties take center stage in rich and bold spring and summer looks, while olive, sage, and evergreen shine all the way from fall through winter. This also pairs nicely with the woodland-inspired theme for 2023 as well. There are so many beautiful varieties of greenery, branches and foliage and succulents, that you can craft a greenery-only look to mimic one with real flowers! Plus, you’re more likely to save extra $$ if you can forage!

We love to play with lush hanging greenery, and creating hand-spun greenery garlands to wrap around banisters & tent poles, mantles, and reception tables, drape greenery and lights across the ceiling, and craft lush woodland – or tropical-inspired dish gardens as table arrangements and gift/place card tables, and greenery-only ground arrangements for the aisle.

  • Foliage: Ruscus, Fern, Lemon Leaf, Vines like Smilax, Passionflower, and Ivy, Variegated Pittosporum, Smokebush, Eucalyptus, Woodier Greenery like Myrtle and Boxwood, Evergreens like Pine and Cedar
  • Accents: Herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage, succulents, moss, tropical foliages like Monstera, Palms, Dried and Preserved Greenery
  • Colors (or styles) to play with: Emerald, Olive, Avocado, Purple, Tropical, Sage, Forest Green


Source: Coolors

We loved the way The Knot shares their sentiments around the idea of “color families”:

“Rather than limiting yourself to two or three specific colors and matching every detail to them, you can focus on descriptors like ‘cool, calming colors’ or ‘modern, bold hues’ to influence your palette. The idea is to think less about how you want your wedding to look and more about how you want it to feel.”

Source: The Knot

We are giving ourselves permission to find what feels good in 2023! We love the idea of referencing a color wheel, and even tapping into what your favorite colors are to start. Seeing that you gravitate toward more warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) or cool colors (purples, blues, greens) is a great place to start, and looking around the color wheel for contrasting colors or complementary colors, or even to tap into 2023’s trend of monofloral & color-blocking with monochromatic color schemes.

Our biggest tips? Check out Canva’s Free Color Theory & Color Wheel Calculator here & have a play around! Also, we just discovered the color palette generator – and trust us, it’s addicting!

Source: Coolors


We are loving the 2023 trends and cannot wait to truly flex our creativity this year in bigger, bolder ways for our couples.

In our post-pandemic world, we all have even more reason to celebrate joy and love, to celebrate and capture our most beautiful moments of union and connection. Weddings are a time when you can really express your authentic self, creativity, passions, and personality. Your wedding should be a natural extension of you, as you welcome in friends and family to celebrate your sacred union.

It’s a moment in time that you will remember for the rest of your life, and an opportunity to introduce yourselves to the world as two unique and beautiful humans joining together in your own unique blend of love. The bold and vibrant color stories, rich and earthy browns and neutrals, lush green and tropical aesthetics, dark and moody tones (and contrast!), and love-laden shades of pink allow us to shout our love from the proverbial rooftops with a lot of extra flair, personality, and drama.

This is also in keeping with the overall floral trends of the year: big, bold, “conversation-worthy” and statement-making arrangements, color-blocking and monofloral looks, dramatic contrast, and bold colors, and thoughtful personal details & touches that are creative, passionate, and artful ways of boldly introducing your new beautiful union to your friends, family, and loved ones (and to look timeless, elegant and stunning for wedding photos and video, too, of course)!

We’d love to explore these 2023 color themes and beyond for your dream wedding florals. Fill out our client intake form here & get in touch – we have limited availability for summer & fall, open for many dates in the spring and winter!


2023’s Top Wedding Color Trends: Florals Edition

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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