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When spring begins to blossom into early summer, so many of our favorite flowers come to life & become available to use for our weddings! 

Known as the ‘Queen of Flowers’, the Peony is a statement focal flower that becomes abundant for spring, summer, and even into our fall weddings. As one of our favorite blooms to use, the Peony begins to make their way to our studio from March to around September, even as far as December –  (if you’re willing to pay for the price! We import our Peonies from trusted international sources through their newly extended seasons.) 

Peonies’ common names are the ‘Chinese Peony’, ‘Tree Peony’, or ‘Garden Peony’ and are renown for their unique & light, paper-mâche-like blooms that open to delicate single petals or abundant double petals – which have multiple rows of petals emerging from the crown of the flower. 

According to the American Peony Society, there are over 7,000 bloom varieties in their official registry, with new varietals being created all the time! With so many colors (and some incredible names to boot!) as well as unique bloom variations to choose from, they create endless possibilities for bringing your wedding floral vision to life!

Domestic and International Market & Trusted Suppliers

With a recent boom in the market of peonies, our trusted and time-honored relationships with our suppliers continue to grow. 

We source our peonies in-season from our trusted Dutch partners, and they are now available from new Alaskan suppliers June-September, thanks to their late growing season – this is due to their higher altitude, cool summer temperatures, and longer daylight hours (15-20!) during the summer months. A fascinating read on the origin of Peonies in Alaska can be found here.

Finally, peonies are available from New Zealand in November & December – but be warned, they are VERY expensive to import!

Types of Peony Blooms

  • Single Bloom: a single row (or two) if broad feathery petals with yellow centers visible. (Claire de Lune or Flame)
    • Look: Delicate, Classic
  • Semi-Double Flowered: One (or two) rows of broad, feathery petals encircling a smaller row of petals and large yellow center. (Coral Charm)
    • Look: Delicate, Garden-Style
  • Double Flowered: Multiple rows of broad petals, no center visible (Festiva Maxima, Elsa Sass)
    • Look: Classic, English Garden, Luxury
  • Japanese Flowered: One (or two) rows of broad petals encircle a broad yellow center.
    • Look: Unique, Wildflower-Style
  • Bomb Flowered: Single row of broad petals on the outside encircle a dense ‘pom’ center of narrow, upright petals that burst out.
    • Look: Fluffy, Lush & Full.
  • Anemone: One (or two) rows of broad petals encircle multiple rows of upright narrow petals in the center. (Bowl of Beauty)
    • Look: Regal, Delicate, Unique, Minimalist

Fun Facts

  1. Peony’s botanical name is ‘Paeonia lactiflora’
  2. Peonies are symbolic for romance, compassion, prosperity, luck, and a bountiful  & happy marriage in many world traditions and cultures
  3. In greek mythology, there are several origin stories of the peony – some involve a student of Asclepius, Paeon, who was turned into the Peony flower for his misgivings, or a nymph, Paeonia – whom Aphrodite turned into a Peony flower after Apollo was taken by her beauty.
  4. Chinese tradition states that a beautiful – yet ruthless – empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907) had decreed that all flowers must bloom in winter. When the peony did not obey, she ordered them all to be dug up and banished from the capital to the city of Luoyang. The following spring, the peonies bloomed beautifully there, and when the empress found out, she ordered them to be burned to the ground. They came back more beautiful the following spring – and the flower fairies declared the Peony as ‘the queen of the flowers’ and Luoyang as ‘The City of Peonies’ which still holds true today!
  5. The Chinese have long maintained that peonies’ “chi” or “energy” attract romantic partners and bring about love and romance.
  6. Peonies replaced Zinnias as the State Flower of Indiana in 1957
  7. Peonies are available in virtually all colors except for blue.
  8. Peonies were the focal flower of many of Claude Monet and Éduard Manet’s critical works.

We can help bring your floral vision to life utilizing peonies of virtually any color and style. From single blooms that look perfect in wildflower-inspired designs, to the full, lush look in more classic or luxury styles, we are excited to connect further with you on how to best showcase this gorgeous flower in your wedding floral designs! We will be sure to provide our expertise and guidance from design to delivery.

To connect with us, please fill our our client intake form here. We will then send over a more detailed proposal and next steps on how to work with us!

Source: Florist’s Review

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What’s In Season: Peonies

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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When spring begins to blossom into early summer, so many of our favorite flowers come to life & become available to use for our weddings! The Queen of Flowers – The Peony!

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