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Well hello there, soon-to-be newlyweds! We’re so glad you found us here – we hope to continue to bring inspiration to our couples who are just dipping their toes into the world of flowers for their wedding, and how to bring their vision together seamlessly, with imagination and a little floral magic.  

With over 75 years of combined professional experience working as wedding florists in the industry, we’ve seen countless trends across the years come and go, to then come back around again and be refined in new and innovative ways. With our international growing partners, their innovations in farming and cultivation have brought new varieties of blooms and longer growing seasons, new and exciting variations in colors and hues, and our local farms are robust in their offerings for fresh and beautiful, vibrant florals that we can access more readily and easily than ever before. 

We continue to refine our styling and design expertise, and we come with our mountains of training and continuing education with the American Institute of Floral Designers and most recently, with Holly Chapple Designs, one of our biggest influences and inspirations in the wedding floral design industry! 

Because we’re THAT flower-obsessed, we continually seek and we’re always researching and finding the most stunning wedding florals looks we can get our hands on, and finding inspiration from some of our favorite industry leaders, and top publications like Green Wedding Shoes,, and fan favorites The Knot and Wedding Wire. 

We’d like to think that we’ve got our finger on the pulse of all the latest floral trends and let us tell you, 2024 is shaping up to be a bloomin’ beautiful year for weddings. So without further ado, let’s dive into our top predictions for the hottest wedding floral trends of 2024 and beyond!

Bold and Vibrant Colors

Expect to see a lot of bright and bold colors in 2024 wedding floral arrangements. Gone are the days of pastels and muted tones – 2024 is all about going big and bold with your color choices. This trend is all about using vibrant hues, contrasting colors, and romantic bold tones to create a striking visual impact. Think striking reds, purples, and pinks with contrasting yellows, oranges, and blues that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Oversized Bouquets

Now let’s talk bouquets. In 2024, bigger is definitely better. Oversized bouquets are going to be a major trend, with brides opting for larger arrangements that make a statement. And if you’re feeling really daring, why not try incorporating some non-traditional florals into your bouquet? Dried grasses, succulents, and wildflowers are just a few of the unexpected elements you can use to make your bouquet truly unique. 2024 will be the year of the big bouquet, for sure! Brides are opting for larger arrangements that are both eye-catching and make a statement and it’s well worth it! Your bouquet is the focal arrangement of your wedding day, so splurge on yourself with a beautiful, oversized option.

The ‘Scaled-Back’ or Petite Bouquet

On the other end of the spectrum, we also see the opposite trend with bouquets occurring, this time going more minimal and smaller in design. We’ve noticed this request quite often with our most recent brides who prefer a more minimal look but still want to have a bit of floral magic for their bridal bouquet. Look, we absolutely adore big and lush, free-flowing bouquets, but we must admit that there’s a je ne sais quois about a more scaled-back, minimalist bouquet look that is so chic, trendy, and current. We suggest a petite bouquet featuring only a few focal blooms like ruffled peonies or garden roses, or even reflexed white roses, with smaller accent florals and textures. We also suggest opting for a monofloral or bi-floral look, or using an intricate color family or palette (either similar in hue with a bold accent or contrasting colors.) The petite or ‘scaled-back’ bouquet look is especially statement-making when paired with a more streamlined or architectural-style wedding dress – also a big trend for 2024 and beyond.

Non-Traditional Florals & Sculptural Floral Design

More and more couples are looking for unique and unconventional floral arrangements. This trend involves using unexpected flowers and foliage, such as dried grasses, succulents, and farm-fresh wildflowers, even things foraged from your local area!

We utilize what’s the most intriguing, unique, and interesting and create organic shapes that mimic the very living movement and flow of how things can appear in nature, or manipulate and shape floral structures that have more refined shapes and textures. Whatever the case, in 2024 and beyond, the more, the better when it comes to this department!

Even this year, we continue to see bold and unique, more organic shapes, the use of negative space (inspired by Japanese floral art, Ikebana) along with the use of super spectacular foliages, dried ingredients, and textures, all with an emphasis on allowing the flowers to take center stage. 

What we love most about this is that we’re tasked to work with the amazing ingredients and combinations of florals, dried elements, and greenery we’re able to gather to create completely unique and bespoke combinations. In this way, we’re also beholden to what ingredients we can source, so we must caution that our couples must be a bit more flexible on particulars here – we can utilize the color scheme and hues and have our creative freedom to create a totally unique look with what’s fresh, in season and of the highest quality when we source for your wedding.

It’s so refreshing to finally see this trend happening – from “Woodland Chic”, to hanging installations with lots of vines, we know that the days of ‘just a little greenery’ are no more, and we cannot wait to explore with all of the amazing greener, foliages, branches and accents that we can play with to create some truly visually captivating displays as we move forward!

Monochromatic Color Schemes and Mono or Bi-florals

Don’t worry if you’re not quite ready to go all out with bold colors or non-traditional florals and shapes – the next trend on our list is perfect for those who want a more subdued palette and look. As previously mentioned above in our bouquets section, we wanted to dive in a bit more on what a Monochromatic and Monofloral look means. This trend is perfect for couples who want a sophisticated and polished look for their wedding flowers. This look is totally in keeping with the ‘Zen Wedding Trend’ where couples are opting for more minimalist, and unifying the couple with their guests through their more simple, refined nuptials experience of an intimate, spiritual ceremony, and more simple food, music, and incorporating elements of spirituality or intention into their day. Monochromatic color schemes involve using different shades and tones of the same color for a cohesive and elegant look.

The same applies to a ‘Monofloral’ look, where we opt for one kind of floral or use one smaller accent floral, likely in the same color scheme or in a light or bold accent color.

Monochromatic color schemes and monofloral looks are set to be huge in 2024, and for good reason: by using different shades and tones of the same color, or utilizing the same focal floral, you can create a refined, timeless, chic, and cohesive aesthetic. This is the perfect look for your city-side or refined beach-side wedding where you want something more simple & effortless.

Elevated Centerpieces 

Moving on to guest table centerpieces: we think that lush, over-the-top, elevated arrangements are the way to go in 2024. These tall floral creations are perfect for creating a truly luxurious atmosphere, and they’re sure to blow away your guests with their refined beauty and statement-making look.

Elevated centerpieces are perfect for creating a grand aesthetic and for leveling up your wedding atmosphere to create a truly dramatic, uber-romantic effect. This trend involves using tall floral arrangements that tower over the table. Using pedestals, gold or silver Harlow stands, glass trumpet stands, a mix of candles like pillars or tapers, floating candles and votives, or utilizing a mix of high centerpieces with low centerpieces or long and low arrangements in between on long tables create a truly regal and dramatic effect for your wedding floral look.

Hanging Installations

If you really want to take your wedding floral look to the next level, consider incorporating hanging installations into your decor. These suspended floral arrangements create a sense of whimsy and enchantment that’s perfect for adding some intrigue and extra romance to your wedding. They can be strung on stair railings, hung on chandeliers, or even have hanging greenery hoops that we can custom-create with our own hoops!

This trend is all about creating a sense of wonder, whimsy, and enchantment. Hanging installations typically involve using suspended greenery arrangements above the tables or dance floor, head table, or on chandeliers or tent poles, creating a magical atmosphere – like you’re in an enchanted forest.

Please do note that these are some of the more technical and mechanical to create, thus will be one of the more expensive arrangements for your day. But trust us, they’re 100% worth it!

Creative Floral Displays & Bespoke Signage

As we look ahead to the 2024 wedding season, creative displays and signage incorporating wedding florals are sure to be a popular trend. Couples are increasingly seeking unique and personalized ways to showcase their love and celebrate their special day, and incorporating flowers into signage and display pieces is a perfect way to do so. From elegant floral arches framing the ceremony space to whimsical floral hoops used as photo backdrops, the possibilities for creative floral displays are endless.

By using flowers in unexpected ways, couples can add an extra touch of beauty and charm to their wedding decor while also creating lasting memories for themselves and their guests.

Sustainable Florals

Last but not least, let’s talk about sustainability. As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, as we rightly should, sustainable florals are becoming increasingly popular and necessary. This trend involves using locally-sourced, organic flowers and foliage from flower farms in our local area, where we are beholden to our local growing conditions and seasons. We have great partnerships with local farms in Massachusetts that allow us to get beautiful blooms from mid-April to October.

It’s certainly in your best interest to use locally-sourced, organic flowers and foliage, especially from local farms. Using flowers that are in season, as well as using dried flowers, grasses, and foliage are all great ways to reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint while still creating a beautiful floral display for your wedding.

Bonus: The Ultimate Photo Op: Bridesmaid Bouquet Frame

A bridesmaid bouquet frame is a truly unique and charming way to display your and your bridesmaids’ bouquets for an eye-catching photo opp when you take photos with your family and bride and groom’s parties after the ceremony. It is essentially a photo moment where your bridesmaids hold their bouquets in a circular arrangement “wreath” around you, the gorgeous bride and center of attention, as a stunning photo backdrop. To create a bouquet wreath, simply have your bridesmaids arrange themselves to position their bouquets around you and enjoy being in the floral spotlight!


So there you have it, our top predictions for the most intriguing wedding floral trends of 2024. But remember, just because these are the trends we forecast doesn’t mean you have to follow them blindly. It’s most important to incorporate elements into your wedding that truly reflects your personality and style as a couple. And if you need help figuring out how to do that, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’re always happy to help you create the perfect floral vision for your big day.

We hope you found this post informative and inspiring. Happy planning!


Bloom Bigger with 2024’s Wedding Floral Trends

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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