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Welcome to Just Bloom’d Weddings, where over 35 years of floral expertise meets the convenience of online shopping.

Our latest offering brings you a selection of wedding floral arrangements, each designed to capture the essence of different themes and styles, available directly through our easy-to-use online shop!

Hello, lovely couples! We’re buzzing with excitement here at Just Bloom’d Weddings and can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to. For over three decades, we’ve been turning wedding floral dreams into reality with our personalized consultative approach. And now, we’re taking things up a notch with our super convenient online wedding florals, designed for those who adore simplicity without skimping on style!

A preview of our Wedding Florals Online Shop!

So, What’s the Scoop on Our Online Floral Wonderland?

  • Gorgeous Color Palettes Galore: We’ve curated 12 stunning color themes to match every wedding vision and mood. Whether you’re all about classic vibes or want to make a statement with bold colors, we’ve got you covered!

  • Click, Choose, Celebrate: Our online wedding flower arrangements are a breeze to order. Perfect for the busy bees and savvy spenders who love getting things done in just a few clicks!

  • Quality You Can Trust: Even though it’s online, it’s still Just Bloom’d Weddings quality! That means each floral piece is crafted with all the love, care, and over 35 years of expertise that we’re known for.

  • Options, Options, Options: From dreamy bridal bouquets to those swoon-worthy wedding arch flowers, our A La Carte range covers all your big day floral needs. Don’t forget about our sweet add-ons like candles and aisle runners to add that extra dash of elegance and romance.

Explore Our 12 Signature Color Palettes

Timeless Grace Color Palette - Just Bloom'd Weddings, Wedding Florist in Sudbury, MA.

Timeless Grace

  • Feel the Magic: Imagine walking through a serene all-white garden, green leaves rustling softly in the breeze: our ‘Timeless Grace’ color palette is the epitome of classic elegance and understated sophistication. Composed of graceful cremons, iconic roses, whimsical spray roses, vibrant seasonal blooms, and voluminous hydrangea, it’s a symphony of pure elegance and serene, pure beauty.

Classic Roses Color Palette - Just Bloom'd Weddings, Wedding Florist in Sudbury, MA.

Classic Roses

  • Romance, Redefined: A sea of velvety roses in hues of passionate red, pure white, or delicate pink. Our ‘Classic Roses’ palette is all about your timeless love story. Our high quality, breathtaking roses collection are an total ‘I Do’ for a classic yet refined look.

Ocean Breeze Color Palette - Just Bloom'd Weddings, Wedding Florist in Sudbury, MA.

Ocean Breeze

  • Seaside Serenade: Close your eyes and imagine a gentle sea breeze: our ‘Ocean Breeze’ color palette brings this nostalgic sensation to life! Complete with hydrangeas, roses, and the unique touch of blue thistle and dusty miller amongst seasonal blooms, this is the quintessential charm of New England gracefully adorning your special day.

Sherbert Dreams Color Palette - Just Bloom'd Weddings, Wedding Florist in Sudbury, MA.

Sherbert Dreams

  • Pastel Perfection: A dreamy mix of peach, pink, and pastel shades, with a hint of chartreuse. ‘Sherbert Dreams’ is a playful parade of lisianthus, roses, and hydrangeas, accented with seasonal blooms, berries, and lush greenery. It’s pure pastel magic in full bloom!

Blush and Merlot Color Palette - Just Bloom'd Weddings, Wedding Florist in Sudbury, MA.

Blush and Merlot

  • Wine & Roses: The deep, velvety charm of merlot mingles with the tender flush of blush pink. Our ‘Blush and Merlot’ palette captures this enchanting union, bringing together lisianthus, roses, and hydrangeas and many other stunning seasonal blooms that’s reminiscent of love’s timeless dance.

Cinnamon Spice Color Palette - Just Bloom'd Weddings, Wedding Florist in Sudbury, MA.

Cinnamon Spice

  • Boho Chic: ‘Cinnamon Spice’ is your rich, textural, bohemian dream. Think warm neutrals, autumn tones, and a dash of dried florals like pampas grass. This palette is a warm, utterly chic embrace on a crisp fall day.

Watercolors Color Palette - Just Bloom'd Weddings, Wedding Florist in Sudbury, MA.


  • Gentle Hues, Bold Love: Soft, ethereal pastels painting your beautiful day – that’s our ‘Watercolors’ palette! Our distinct color palette combines the allure of muted pastel pinks, lavenders, and blues, and creating a dreamy floral masterpiece with roses, cremons, hydrangea, and many more gorgeous seasonal blooms amongst lush greenery.

Dark and Moody Color Palette - Just Bloom'd Weddings, Wedding Florist in Sudbury, MA.

Dark and Moody

  • Mysterious Elegance: Bold, beautiful, and a bit mysterious – our stunning ‘Dark and Moody’ is a color palette for those who dare. Deep purples, blues, and vivid deep reds, mixed with pops of blue thistle, plum calla lilies, and other seasonal stunners create a truly dramatic, unforgettable wedding vision.

Fall Harvest Color Palette - Just Bloom'd Weddings, Wedding Florist in Sudbury, MA.

Fall Harvest

  • Autumn’s Embrace: ‘Fall Harvest’ is like a walk through an autumnal wonderland. Warm fall tones, wildflower vibes, and a mix of seasonal blooms with lisianthus and unique sunset calla lilies capture the essence of a perfect fall day.

Dusty Rose & Sage

  • Subtle Elegance: our Dusty Rose & Sage color palette is a harmonious blend of muted rose hues and serene white. This palette features the delicate beauty of Amnesia and Faith Roses, complemented by a selection of white, cream, and ivory seasonal blooms. Accents of soft dusty miller and fragrant sage Eucalyptus add a touch of refined sophistication, perfect for an elegantly understated yet deeply romantic wedding ambiance.

Rustic Charm Color Palette - Just Bloom'd Weddings, Wedding Florist in Sudbury, MA.

Rustic Charm

  • Sunny Days Ahead: Envision a warm, rustic countryside wedding. Our bespoke ‘Rustic Charm’ color palette embodies this idyllic scene with vibrant sunflowers and a medley of fresh summer colors and seasonal florals like aster and solidago. Each ‘Rustic Charm’ arrangement is a crafted symphony of joy and natural, summery beauty.

Winter Escape Color Palette - Just Bloom'd Weddings, Wedding Florist in Sudbury, MA.

Winter Escape

  • Enchanting Winter Elegance: ‘Winter Escape’ is where the serene beauty of winter is artfully embodied. Our signature winter color palette features an exquisite array of crisp white florals, complemented by the aromatic allure of textural evergreens and accented with delicate white berries. It’s a sophisticated winter wonderland, perfect for adding a touch of refined charm to any winter wedding.

Online Convenience vs. Bespoke Elegance

Whether you’re drawn to the ease of our online wedding flower arrangements or the detailed customization of our bespoke consultative services, Just Bloom’d Weddings caters to every preference and budget.

Our online A La Carte options are ideal for those seeking hassle-free floral elegance, while our custom designs remain available for couples desiring a fully personalized approach.

Now, we totally get that some of you might be after that full, bespoke Just Bloom’d experience. And guess what? We’re still here for it! Our team is all geared up to dive deep into those detailed, one-on-one consultations to bring your unique floral fantasies to life.

In short, we’re here to make sure you get exactly what you want for your wedding day. Whether it’s a quick and easy online floral fix or an all-out custom floral fiesta, we’ve got you covered.

Start Your Wedding Floral Journey with Just Bloom’d Weddings

Ready to start your floral journey with us? Jump into our online collection for a hassle-free, beautiful floral experience, or give us a shout for a chat about your custom floral needs. At Just Bloom’d, we’re all about making your wedding flower dreams come true, whether that’s online or in person.

Can’t wait to be a part of your special day!


Our Online Wedding Florals Shop is Live!

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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