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Hello there, lovely couples! It’s Hannah from Just Bloom’d Weddings! As we dive into the lush world of wedding florals, we’ve noticed quite an interesting bouquet of myths that often mislead even the savviest of brides and grooms.

So, let’s set the record straight and pluck these misconceptions right from the root, shall we?

Just Bloom’d Weddings Design | Courtesy of Nicole Rae Photography

Myth: Florists Just Arrange Flowers

  • Truth: Oh, if only it were that simple! As your wedding florist, we’re like the conductors of an orchestra, blending themes, seasons, and locales into a symphony of petals and leaves. Each arrangement is a story told through flowers.
  • Being a wedding florist is like being an artist and a strategist rolled into one. We don’t just arrange flowers; we breathe life into your vision, considering the nuances of themes, venues, and even the delicate dance of seasonal blooms.

Just Bloom’d Weddings Design | Courtesy of Kyla Shattuck Photography

Myth: All Flowers Are Available Year-Round

  • Truth: In an ideal world, perhaps! But flowers are nature’s children, and they follow her schedule. Seasonality is key, and it’s our job to guide you to the best picks for your wedding date.
  • We, as florists, harmonize your preferences with nature’s schedule, finding gorgeous alternatives when your first choice is out of season.

Myth: Wedding Flowers Are Always Expensive

  • Truth: The price tag on those blooms isn’t just about the flowers themselves. It’s about artistry, time, and sometimes the challenge of getting that perfect peony in peak season. We’re here to work with your budget to create magic, not just a price.
  • It’s about the craftsmanship, the sourcing of rare flowers, and the dedication to bring your floral fantasy to life. Yes, some flowers have a higher price tag, but remember, we’re crafting a once-in-a-lifetime ambiance, not just a bouquet.

Myth: DIY is Cheaper and Just as Effective

  • Truth: DIY has its charm, but there’s a reason we professionals exist. It’s not just about putting flowers in a vase; it’s about creating a mood, a moment, and memories. Trust us, it’s a skill honed with love and experience.
  • DIY often misses the mark of professional finesse, where as Floral Designers (née, Floral Architects!), our craft is honed by years of hands-on experience and knowledge of how flowers behave, how they blend, and how they transform a space. It’s about creating a feeling, a memory that lasts beyond the day.

Just Bloom’d Weddings Design | Courtesy of Nicole Chan Photography

Myth: Florists Can Replicate Any Design from Pinterest

  • Truth: Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, but it’s not always a blueprint. Your wedding deserves to be unique, and sometimes that means tweaking those Pinterest dreams into a reality that works just for you.
  • We strive to capture the essence of your desired design, respecting the limits of seasonality and budget, and often enhancing it with our creative touch.

Myth: Flowers Are a Frivolous Expense

  • Truth: Flowers are the unsung heroines of your big day. They bring vibrant color, life, and emotion, and personal artistic expression of you as a couple to every corner of your celebration. They’re not just decor; they’re an experience.
  • Flowers are the poetry of your wedding day, speaking volumes through their presence. They capture the essence of joy, elegance, and the blooming of a new beginning. Far from frivolous, they are the silent narrators of your love story.

Just Bloom’d Weddings Design | Courtesy of Chrissy Kites Photo

Myth: Florists Increase Prices for Weddings

  • Truth: Weddings are special, and they require a lot more work—consultations, design, setup, and more. It’s not about charging more for the sake of it; it’s about investing in your once-in-a-lifetime day.
  • Wedding floristry is a bespoke service, not a commodity. As such, every wedding florist’s pricing reflects not just the flowers, but the labor of passion, understanding and love – from the initial consultations to the thoughtful design and set-up, we are there to ensure each petal is perfect. It’s a comprehensive service tailored to your special day, where everything is seamless from start to finish.

Myth: Last-Minute Orders Are Simple

  • Truth: Just like a fine wine, great floral design takes time. Last-minute requests are doable, but they’re a bit like a dance in the rain – possible, but tricky!
  • Last-minute floral requests are akin to a high-wire act – thrilling but complex. They require rapid sourcing, designing, and often a dash of creativity to ensure your last-minute dreams are just as stunning.

Just Bloom’d Weddings Design | Courtesy of Addie Roberge Photography

Myth: Online Services Outperform Local Florists

  • Truth: There’s something about meeting face-to-face, discussing your vision, and feeling the petals between your fingers. We offer personalized service that an online click can’t match.
  • While online services offer convenience, they lack the personal touch. As bespoke wedding florists, we provide a truly unique and custom experience, understanding your vision intimately and ensuring every floral detail deeply resonates with your personal story.
  • However, we do have a gorgeous Wedding Florals Online Shop that offers a selection of over 12 pre-curated color palettes which include stunning designs from Bridal Bouquets, Wedding Arch Flowers, Ceremony Florals and Reception Centerpieces for easy ordering!
  • Our online shop complements our local services, offering convenience without sacrificing the personal touch of local expertise. We blend the best of both worlds for your special day.

Myth: Silk Flowers Are Always Cheaper

  • Truth: Silk flowers have their place, but they’re not always the budget-friendly option. Real or silk, it’s about what feels right for your day, not just your wallet.
  • Silk flowers offer longevity but not always a lower price. The decision between silk and real flowers hinges on aesthetics and feel. Real flowers bring a vibrancy and fragrance that elevates the sensory experience of your wedding.

Just Bloom’d Weddings Design | Courtesy of Nicole Maday Photo

And there we have it – a garden of truths blossoming from common myths! At Just Bloom’d Weddings, we’re more than florists; we’re storytellers, dream weavers, and your essential partners in creating a day that reflects the beauty of your love story.

  • Wedding Flowers are not just our business; they’re our one and true passion, and we pour that passion into making your wedding day as unique and beautiful as your love.
– Just Bloom’d Weddings

Have any lingering questions or floral fantasies? Let’s chat over a virtual cup of coffee (or tea) and make your wedding bloom beautifully. Reach out to us at Just Bloom’d Weddings – your New England wedding floral experts.

Happy Planning, and remember, in the world of flowers, anything is possible!


Unveiling the Truth: 10 Wedding Florals Myths Debunked

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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