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Planning a summer wedding in New England offers a picturesque setting but comes with its share of heat-and-humidity-related challenges.

At Just Bloom’d Weddings, we’re based in Sudbury, MA, and have the ability to travel all over the New England area: from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, up to the North Shore, down to Cape Cod, and all throughout the Boston area, we’ve seen summer weather really run the gamut for our summer couples.

It’s one of those special “if you know, you know” moments when you meet a fellow New Englander: our very intimate familiarity with our intensely hot and humid summers.

As your wedding florists, we not only specialize in creating visually stunning floral arrangements, but our decades of experience have taught us what works and what doesn’t during Summer Weddings to ensure your entire wedding experience is cool & comfortable for everyone involved.

Here’s our expert guide to keeping your wedding cool and enjoyable, perfectly tailored for those tying the knot in the Boston area, and throughout New England.

1. Innovative Cooling Solutions

Consider renting air conditioners for your tents, or innovative misting fans for your outdoor venue. These devices are efficient, using minimal energy while operating quietly and unobtrusively. They provide a significant cooling effect, ideal for outdoor and partially covered spaces, ensuring your guests stay comfortable without compromising the elegance of your wedding décor.

2. Personalized Welcome Kits

Greet your guests with customized welcome kits as they arrive. Include essentials like sunscreen, bottled water, and personalized fans. Adding unique touches like monogrammed sunglasses or flip-flops not only makes these items useful on the day but also memorable keepsakes from your special celebration.

3. Dual-Purpose Program Fans or Stylish Parasols

Transform your wedding programs into dual-sided fans. This not only keeps your guests cool during the ceremony but also ensures your programs serve a practical purpose beyond their initial use.

Additionally, place bins of beautifully crafted paper parasols around your venue. Customize these to fit your wedding’s color scheme, offering guests chic protection from the sun.

4. Citronella Candles for Bug-Free Ambiance

We love the idea of DIY Citronella Floating Candles using citronella, peppermint, eucalyptus & lavender essential oils, lemon slices, and sprigs of rosemary and lavender

Incorporate citronella candles into your floral arrangements or table settings to keep pesky insects at bay. These can be styled with ribbons and jars to match your wedding theme, serving as both a decorative and functional addition to your outdoor setting.

5. Comprehensive Hydration Stations

Set up well-stocked hydration stations throughout your venue, offering a selection of infused waters, iced teas, and other non-alcoholic beverages. These stations are crucial for keeping everyone hydrated and comfortable, especially during the peak heat of the day.

6. Shade Solutions

Courtesy of The Social Spool

Strategically place large umbrellas or fabric canopies over key areas like ceremony and reception seating and dining zones. This not only provides relief from the sun but also integrates seamlessly into your wedding’s overall design theme, maintaining an aesthetic of effortless style.

7. Seasonally Savvy Menus

Seasonal salads and cool soups are great options!

Opt for a wedding menu that features lighter fare. Heavy dishes can feel too intense in hot weather, so focus on fresh salads, fruits, grilled vegetables, and seafood. Consider offering chilled desserts like sorbets or fruit tarts, which are refreshing and fitting for the season.

8. Consider the Timing

Courtesy of Cambria Shelley

Schedule your ceremony to avoid the hottest part of the day, typically around mid to late afternoon. An evening ceremony not only benefits from cooler temperatures but also takes advantage of the romantic sunset lighting, perfect for those unforgettable wedding photos.

By implementing these thoughtful and unique strategies, your summer wedding will be a cool oasis of celebration anywhere in New England.

At Just Bloom’d Weddings, we are dedicated to ensuring every detail contributes to a beautiful, memorable, cool and comfortable wedding experience. For more inspiration and expert wedding planning tips, explore more on the blog, or fill out our inquiry form, below!

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Master Your Summer Wedding in New England

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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