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As the global climate shifts and economic realities tighten, understanding the true costs of wedding florals in 2024 has never been more crucial.

This year has not only shown us unprecedented climate unpredictability—from extreme weather events affecting floral supplies to rising operational costs—but has also impacted the overall wedding budget. Couples planning their special day are now facing a new reality where the traditional 10-20% floral budget might stretch less than expected.

At Just Bloom’d Weddings, we blend our decades of experience in floral creativity with practicality to help you navigate these new challenges without compromising the beauty and impact of your big-day florals.

Whether you’re allocating thousands towards lush arrangements, or seeking impactful yet affordable alternatives, our expertise ensures your floral displays are both breathtakingly stunning and smartly planned!

Let’s explore how to maximize your floral investment in today’s economic and environmental landscape, ensuring every dollar spent enhances your celebration’s beauty and sustainability.

1. Prioritize Key Floral Displays

Decide what’s most important to you—whether it’s a breathtaking altar arrangement, a lush bridal bouquet, or dramatic table centerpieces. Invest in these key pieces and consider simpler designs or greenery for other areas. For instance, a floral arch can serve as a ceremony backdrop and a photo booth frame at your reception, providing double the usage for your investment.

2. Consider Table Layouts Wisely

While long banquet tables are visually striking, they often require more floral decorations than round tables. Specifically, long 8-foot tables might necessitate multiple arrangements along their length—one large centerpiece with two smaller ones at each end—or a series of bud vases of varying heights to adequately fill the space. Another common option is a lush greenery garland, though it’s important to note that such garlands, while beautiful, can quickly become a costly choice, as they are hand-spun and require MUCH more greenery than people might think!

In our personal experience, the costs for long tables are almost invariably higher than those for round tables. If you are absolutely set on incorporating long tables into your seating plan, consider using them selectively. For instance, you might design your floor plan to feature a long head table for the wedding party while seating other guests at round tables. This not only maximizes the visual impact of your floral arrangements but also helps manage costs effectively.

Alternatively, you could include a few long tables strategically placed for maximum effect while making round tables the majority. This approach allows for a visually appealing mix and can help balance your floral budget more effectively.

3. Repurpose with Purpose

We love the idea of floral continuity throughout your wedding events. Extend the life of your floral arrangements by planning to use them at your post-wedding brunch! This not only maximizes your investment but also keeps your theme consistent across all wedding-related events. If you’re not renting any specialty vases, you can keep the florals and the vase and give as gifts to wedding guests! We create our centerpieces in foam-free cages that can be taken out of a vase and placed into your own at home, as well!

We ensure these transitions are seamless, handling the logistics so your florals continue to impress without additional spend.

4. Simplify (or Nix) Your Bridal Party Florals

Consider using posy bouquets or chic corsages for your bridesmaids instead of full bouquets. This allows for allocation of more budget to statement pieces that capture the eye and define your space. Such adjustments keep the aesthetic upscale while ensuring your budget is used effectively.

5. Embrace Larger Blooms, Greenery, and Seasonal Flowers

Opting for larger blooms like hydrangeas, which naturally fill more space, is a smart way to make your arrangements appear fuller without significantly increasing costs. Pairing them with filler flowers like baby’s breath, wax flowers, or statice can create a lush and textured look that doesn’t break the bank.

Utilizing lush greenery and local, seasonal blooms is another way to add volume and texture while keeping the budget in check. Flowering branches, such as dogwood in the spring or magnolia leaves in the fall, offer volume and a dramatic effect at a lower cost than many traditional flowers.

Mixing these elements ensures a beautiful and budget-friendly floral landscape while adding depth and visual interest to your arrangements.

6. Set Realistic Expectations

A Just Bloom’d Weddings Design
Courtesy of MVP Best Day

At Just Bloom’d Weddings, we’re committed to transparency. We advise against getting swayed by lavish floral setups seen on social media and Pinterest, which often don’t align with typical wedding budgets. Instead, focus on what can be achieved within your means to ensure your floral arrangements are both beautiful and feasible.

7. Dual-Use Decor

A Just Bloom’d Weddings ceremony arch, repurposed for reception.
Courtesy of City Lux Studios.

For couples looking to make a significant impact, consider larger, versatile floral installations that can move from your ceremony to the reception. This not only provides continuity in your wedding’s aesthetic but also maximizes the value of every floral piece.

8. Choose Significant Moments

Just Bloom’d Weddings – ceremony pedestals repurposed for reception.
Courtesy of Kelsey Sheehan Photography.

Decide where you want the ‘wow’ factor. A floral wall or a hanging installation might be your pick, but this means you might want to consider simpler table arrangements. Utilizing greenery or filler florals to fill in larger installations economically, with strategic focal floral highlights for vibrant pops of color.

9. Economical Choices for Additional Decor

A Just Bloom’d Weddings Design.
Courtesy of Salma K Photography.

To reduce costs, keep additional décor minimal. Use flowers and foliage to enhance, not overwhelm, spaces like bar areas or restrooms. This approach allows you to allocate more of your budget to focal points that make a bigger impact.

10. Work with a Trusted Planner and Florist

A Just Bloom’d Weddings Design. Courtesy of Addie Roberge Photography.

Rely on our expertise at Just Bloom’d Weddings to guide you seamlessly through the floral planning process. By making strategic choices relating to your vision and venue, and focusing on key elements, we ensure that your floral designs are not only breathtaking but also mindful of your desired floral budget.


Our philosophy at Just Bloom’d Weddings is that every couple deserves a wedding day filled with the beauty and joy of fresh flowers and bespoke arrangements to really bring your whole day together. By focusing on strategic floral placement and smart priorities and allocation of dollars, we ensure that your florals are pivotal, breathtaking elements of your wedding day.

Remember, the key to a luxurious look on a budget is not how much you spend, but how wisely you spend it!


Maximize Your Big Day’s Floral Budget

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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